About Green Blueberry

Green Blueberry specializes in unique personalized gifts and promotional products and is the sister company of Toy Surge Group, LLC out of Newport, NH.

We've been in the toy and publishing business since 2010 and like the books we publish, we’re in the business of keeping precious memories on quality keepsakes whether that’s through a piece of artwork your child creates through one of our coloring books or a cherished photo memorialized forever on a photo slate or Christmas ornament. We cherish our memories and yours and believe they should be celebrated. That’s what we love to do! To celebrate those special moments, special people and pets in your life. That’s what Toy Surge Group is all about.


So why the name Green Blueberry?

On our publishing side of the business, we love the idea of creating books on recycled materials and to limit our dependence on new paper when creating our books. We believe in saving the environment for future generations and saving forests from extinction not only saves the environment from awful disasters but also creates a livable planet for generations to come. The word "Green" in our name represents that mission. 

The term "Blueberry" represents where we decided to set up shop. We are located in Lempster, NH and are surrounded by high bush blueberries and the street we are off of is called Blueberry Lane. It was a fitting name.